Five men on stage are, just five men

We see five men on stage. They are normal men, they are up on a stage. Different from each other and all the same. They take care and push one another, they celebrate together. They are throwing knives against their own shadows, looking inside themselves, moving the spotlights to illuminate different spaces, showing their privacy and undressing to listen. Men who constantly question themselves but gloat over their own identity… after all, they are five men.

In Suspensión, everything we see is the outcome of two years of work by a great team. Juggling choreographies have been trained and reviewed to the limit, the music has been composed during creation, the scenery has been constantly evolving, the magic has been endlessly trained, the recordings of our parents, brothers, grandmothers and girlfriends have been remade until the essence of this proposal has been distilled. A task with ourselves and with everything else.

Suspensión is a show designed to transmit. Contemporary circus in which we would like the public to see themselves and be moved. It is our ball thrown into the air that reaches the moment of suspension, the moment when everything can happen, the moment when we can give in to gravity or make different choices, the moment when a ball floats and, with it, all of us on stage hold our breath.

The moment of suspension.

Supported by:
2021 actualizado ministerio
2021 actualizado INAEM
Artistic Data


Original idea and direction: Jorge Silvestre

Creation and cast: Carlos Marcos, Fernando Santa-Olalla, Jorge Silvestre, Josu Monton, Miguel Frutos

Drama: Laura Presa y Fernando Gallego (La Rueda Teatro Social)

Choreographic look: Iris Muñoz, José Triguero

Director assistance: Rakel Camacho, Laura Presa, Fernando Gallego

Lighting design: Carlos Marcos

Music composition: Vaz Oliver

Scenography design: Alfonso Reverón, Fernando Santa-Olalla, Miguel Frutos

Scenography: Ijuggler Circus Props Maker

Costume: Zaloa Basaldua, Josu Monton

Production: Compañía de Circo Nueveuno

Photo: Daniel “Chí” de la Iglesia

Video: Alina O’Donnell, Paula Semprún


Supported by

Comunidad de Madrid

Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música

Coproduced by

Festival Circada de Sevilla

Nacho Vilar producciones SL

Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid (LAVA) / Ayto. Valladolid

Thanks to

Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque

L’Estruch. Fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu

La Nave del Duende. Centro de gestión de recursos escénicos

Teatro del Bosque, Móstoles

Zirkozaurre. Espacio de Artes Circenses de Bilbao

Territorio Circo (Residencias artísticas para procesos de creación en circo)

Teatro Circo Price, Madrid

MADferia. Feria de Artes Escénicas de Madrid

Café de las Artes Teatro, Santander

Circostrada. European Network for Circus and Street Arts

CircoRED. Federación de Asociaciones de Profesionales de Circo de España

La Pértiga. Asociación Cultural de Artes Escénicas

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