From the Greek ``cooperation``: Action of several causes whose effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects
Sinergia 3.0

Sinergia 3.0 is a contemporary circus show that combines juggling technique, objects manipulation, handstands and dance, choreographed with great geometric plasticity and harmonic sensitivity throughout the show. Music, scenography, lighting design, emotions, evolve together during the show. From wood to metal, from acoustic to electronic, from simplicity to complexity, from individuality to group cohesion … with the purpose to find synergy. From a conceptual point of view, it touches everyday issues such as adaptation and personal conflicts in a society, in general, individualistic.

Based on a reinterpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci, Sinergia 3.0 is a show created to generate free interpretation and reflection from the audience. The narrative is built on two axes: A visual and an emotional one, in which the characters evolve in the process of integration and interaction within the group.

The scenography in Sinergia 3.0 is manipulated by creating different structures with precise movement choreographies. All this accompanied by a soundtrack composed expressly for the show in tune with the transformation of objects, characters, situations and emotional states.

Supported by:
2021 actualizado ministerio
2021 actualizado INAEM
Artistic Data


Original idea & direction: Jorge Silvestre

Creation & cast: Miguel Frutos, Josu Monton, Isaac Posac, Jorge Silvestre

Drama: Oscar Diéguez “Churun”

Choreographic look: Iris Muñoz

Puppets support: Fernando Barta

Music composition: Vaz Oliver

Scenography: Alfonso Reverón (Supermanazas)

Lighting design & tech: Carlos Marcos

Vídeo: Paula Semprún

Photo: P. Manzano, M. Berrocal, N. Savidi


Supported by

Teatros del Canal / CentroDanzaCanal

INAEM / Platea

Circa – Festival du cirque actuel



Thanks to

Gandini Juggling

Carampa Escuela de Circo

Teatro Circo Price

Trapezi de Reus


El Circódromo

Teatrea Logroño

Friends & thanks

Isaac Posac (verticales), Stefano Fabris (co-creación), Javi Jimenez (trabajo de títeres), Lara Poto (cover técnica), Paula Semprún (pre-venta),  Israel Menéndez, Alvaro Salcedo (ex-técnica), Gonzalo Andino, María Folguera, Elena Ros, El Circódromo, Nacho Vilar producciones

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